YUEWO Rotary vane vacuum pump two stage direct connected air conditioner refrigerator laboratory small vacuum machine

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Intelligent cooling: intelligent cooling fan, large air outlet, can work for a long time. Oil meter observation: With the oil meter observation window, it can prevent oil shortage and avoid burning the motor. Wear-resistant power switch: Safer three-hole power plug. Good packaging: wooden box packaging can better protect the vacuum pump. User-friendly design: special air valve can prevent mixing water and prolong the use time.


1. Working environment of the pump: the temperature is 5°C-40°C, the relative humidity is not more than 80%. If the relative humidity is too high, the gas ballast valve can be opened to purify, which can remove a small amount of steam without polluting the pump oil and prolong the pump oil use time. After the purification is completed, it will be closed in time. 2. Operate when the inlet pressure is 10KPA, no more than 3 minutes. 3. This pump should be installed in a clean, ventilated and dry place.


1. Can not pump gas containing particles, dust, or gelatinous, watery, liquid and corrosive gases. 2. Can not smoke flammable or explosive or high oxygen content 3. Do not work in the system leaking and working with oversized containers for a long time. 4. Cannot be used as a gas pump and a compression pump