220V 180W 60HZ 3CFM Vacuum pump Air conditioning

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Package Included
1 x Vacuum Pump(we will also send you an adapter according to your country)

1.Model: RS-1
2.High Efficiency and Low Noise
3.Heavy- Aluminum Alloy Casing
4.3 CFM efficiency low noise vacuum pump
5.Oil viewing window, easy checking and levels of oil
6.Removes air and moisture from AC systems.
7.Direct drive motor is efficient and maintenance free
8.Internal High Volume Cooling Fan For Extended Use

1.Material: Aluminum
2.Voltage: 220V/60Hz 180W
3.Flow Rate: 3 CFM
4.Power: 1/4 HPs
5.Limit Pressure: 5Pa
6.Rotating Speed: 2800
7.Size: 260x110x240mm