100% Original Seiko Padi Watch 20 Bar Water Resistance Automatic Men's Watch High Strength Resin Straps For Diver Swim SRPA83J1

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1.Q:It's Original Seiko or Fake?
A:It's Original Seiko and Made in Japan,you can view the page,that shows our Power of attorney Form Seiko .
2.Q:What difference with the Version of J and K?
A: The Version of J was Made in Japan , P Version the caliber from Japan,made in china,K same with P ,but made in others country of Asia.
3.Q:how about the warranty ?
A: We offer 2 years warranty about caliber .If you have any dissatisfaction,you can return the undamaged watch within 7 days after you received it . if the caliber have problem ,you can contact the local headquarter or offline store, if have fix fee , Provide invoice , we will return the money .
4.Q:how about the Accuracy?
A:The Automatic watch accuracy is 25-45seconds per day,but if you have less active or have long time do not wear it ,the watch will be lack of energy and redduced accuracy .
5.Q:About languages?
A:There have 2 languages choice for Calendar :Chinese and English , But the Instruction have 9 Language:English,Deutsch,Franch,Italiano,Spaish,Portuguese,Russian,Arabic,Chinese.
6.Q:How to set the time,day and date?
A: You can view the Instruction.multilingual:English,Deutsch,French,Italiano,Spaish,Portuguese,